About Powys SANDS


Welcome to Powys SANDS. We provide support for parents and families whose baby is stillborn or dies soon after birth.


Powys Sands was established on the 1st February 2005. We hold monthly support meetings that are held on the first Friday of every month.


Powys SANDS is run by volunteers who are also bereaved parents themselves. Our aim is to support & help others affected by the loss of their baby. 


We provide one to one support, support meetings and telephoning befriending as part of our service. We provide packs information packs ans memory boxes for bereaved parents at 3 major hospitals and all smaller hospitals within our area.


Powys SANDS is funded solely by donations from support we provide and events held by Powys SANDS or events held to fundraise on behalf of Powys SANDS. 


On behalf of Powys SANDS we woud like to thank all that have sponsored us and continue to do so, your generosity is very much appreciated and without this support and help our work would not be possible. .